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Lifestyle/Diet 1st World Issues and Opinions Core Principles Made Easier To Implement & Follow ©Flabuless© Foods & Fluids
Kinesiology An East/West Way of Life Improvement Accessing & Adjusting  Body-Energy Systems Injuries Aliments Emotions
Homeopathy Tissue Cell Salts and A Few Other Remedies A Home Practitioner’s TheoryAnd Pratice Introductory Guide Clarifying Simplifying Demistifying
Self Physi-Chiro Ease Your Own Muscular-Skeletal Issues Gentle Methods To Persuade The Body To Re-Alignment Itself Sitting Standing Sprawling
Focusing on Primary Health Self-Responsibility
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About ‘Steve Kineez’ site
‘Steve Kineez’ focuses a number of health modalities that individually or together  - along with informed self-responsibility - may provide personal health improvements.
The easing or preventing of negative long term health issues - especially through enacting subtle changes in the relatively short term - is central to ‘Steve Kineez’.
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