©Self.Response.Ability.© “Synergetic Kinesiology makes it easier for you to form positive changes within and to your health/life.” ©SteveKineez WHAT IS  ‘SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY’? Kinesiology is a clothes-on health practice that gently ‘dials-into’ your health/life ‘radio-station’, detecting ‘transmission interferences’ and ‘out-of-sync tunes’. ‘Synergetic Kinesiology’ then combines many Kinesiology techniques  with training, research and experience in Ancient Eastern and Modern Western health practices, to improve your personal chances of positive health/life outcomes,  by making it easier for you to have ‘clearer transmissions’ and to ‘play more in-sync tunes’. WHAT CAN IT ‘FIX’? Synergetic Kinesiology can be applied to almost any health/life issue  - emotional or physical - especially to issues that have proven difficult to gain an improvement through other health modalities. Legally, we can only claim that Synergetic Kinesiology ‘may fix’ your health/life issue. HOW IS IT ‘DONE’? Kinesiology is a clothes-on modality. The client mainly lies on a ‘comforted-up’ massage-type table, with the Practitioner standing to one side. A light-touch technique  is used by the Practitioner, mostly on the Client’s left/right lower arm, but also on ‘Meridian Acupoints’,  to access the Client’s ‘radio station’, to determine issues and select ‘fixes’ eg - sound/light, essences/statements, body-part positioning/movement, or ‘dry-needling’. There are no ‘chiro-type’ manipulations involved. WHAT SHOULD A CLIENT WEAR? Modest, comfortable clothing is best, as some kinesiology techniques require brief but very specific positioning of a limb or limbs - though these techniques are usually kept to a minimum, or not used at all with ‘newer’ clients. HOW LONG IS A SESSION? At this Clinic, first Sessions are usually 90 minutes  from ‘into and out of the door’, though 120 minutes is also an option. Most subsequent Sessions are typically 60 to 90 minutes.   30 minute ‘tweek’ Sessions are possible for frequent clients,  for ‘lighter’ issues, or as a ‘quick top-up’ between lengthier Sessions. Usually only available after several longer Sessions - explained more below WHAT HAPPENS AT THE FIRST SESSION? The aim is to at least considerably lower a client’s ‘body-stress’ in the first session, thereby significantly increasing the chance of a fairly immediate and positive outcome, as well as establishing a ‘trust-base’  on which future sessions can build upon. It is very unusual for one Session to be sufficient - more on this a little below. WHAT HAPPENS AT SUBSEQUENT SESSIONS? Often, the first 2 or 3 Sessions  are very similar in the type and range of techniques applied, usually focusing on building trust and results. After the 2nd or usually 3rd Session, the type and range of techniques applied can be expanded and/or ‘ramped up’ to better address the specific issue/s. HOW MANY SESSIONS? Most presenting-issues have been a ‘problem for a while’. It is therefore unrealistic to expect one session to be sufficient,  even if a ‘miracle cure’ is achieved. To give Synergetic Kinesiology a more realistic ‘chance of working’, often at least 3 sessions are needed over a period of 3 to 6 weeks, to enact some change and ‘set-in’ it in. Many issues often take 5 to 6 sessions - typically spread over 2 to 6 months - for a suitable variety of high-end techniques to be fully applied and better ‘affix-in’.  HOW OFTEN ARE SESSIONS? One week is the usual minimum time between any Session. 7 to 14 days is typical between the 1st and 2nd Session.  About 2 to 4 weeks is typical between each Session from the 2nd and up to about the 5th or 6th Session. The maximum time between Sessions - after about the 5th or 6th Session - to encourage ‘good balance continuance’, is probably 3 months. CLIENT PRIVACY This Clinic highly values Client privacy. For Example: NO electronic storage of client details, except for ‘coded’ contact-name/number in clinic-specific mobile phone. ALL session info is hand recorded and stored in a locked cabinet. Only Client Birth Month and Year are written on Clinic Record Sheet, that is - NOT the actual Day. Conformity with ‘Health Sector‘ policies and procedures. SESSION CHOICES & PRICES As at 1 October 2018 ‘Chip’ card payments accepted 30 Minute Booking - $50 ‘Tweek/Lighter’ Techniques Possibly suitable as a first session - usuually as a shortemed Mind-Body ‘Tune-in’. 60 Minute Booking - $90 ‘Moderate’ Techniques ‘Typical’ session and best first session booking especially for the Mind-Body ‘Tune-Up’. 90 Minute Booking - $120 ‘ModeratePlus’ Techniques Possible first Session, but usually more beneficial after your body has had a few Kinesiology Sessions, so the ‘higher’ techniques are easier to apply. 120 Minute Booking - $150 ‘Extended’ Session Sometimes, issues ‘prove themselves more difficult’ and are better addressed within this longer session, to more effectively encourage such issues to positively move and stay moved. REGULAR CLIENT OFFER 2nd to 6th Sessions With less than 3 weeks between Sessions $45*, $80, $110, $130 respectively *‘Tweek/Lighter’ Sessions tend to be restricted in the types of techniques able to be included 7th Session onwards  With less than 3 months between Sessions AS ABOVE CONCESSION CLIENTS ‘Regular Client Offer’ prices are available to Pension or Health Care Card Holders on production of current Card  at ANY appointment. VERY REGULAR CLIENTS ‘Very Regular’ Clients prices are available to Clients who are attending many sessions with short times between seesion - such as one or two weeks - from their 3rd booking onwards. Currently NOT available for ‘Tweek’ Sessions Check with Practitioner at 2nd Session as to these prices. CLINIC LOCATION Specific location of the Clinic is supplied to clients when making their first booking, as the Clinic is based in a Private Residency zone. CLINIC HOURS  MON TO SAT 7AM TO 7PM No Sundays or Public Holidays Actual Times Available Vary Within These Days/Hours BOOK A SESSION CALL OR MESSAGE 0473 221 892 7 Days - Day or Evening This Clinic is a one person establishment, so I may not always be available to answer your call, or immediately reply to your text, but I am very good at returning calls/messages. If you have a private number and do not leave a message, I am often available between 7.30-8.30am or 8.30-9.30pm, 7 days a week. or EMAIL me improve@stevekineez.health CLIENT VEHICLE PARKING Use Any Available Parking Space Roadside lawn parking is also permitted. PRACTITIONER QUALIFICATIONS I have been training in and practicing Synergetic Kinesiology since June 2014. I completed my Diploma of Kinesiology in late 2017 with O’Neill College in Perth, Western Australia. I’m currently continuing my formal studies with O’Neill College towards an Advanced Diploma. I have a personal interest in and prefer to use ‘natural health’ therapies. I also hold a Bachelor of Social Science (Hons). MY VIEW OF KINESIOLOGY While I have experienced first-hand the many wonderful and ‘cool’ benefits of Kinesiology, I do NOT view it as a fixer of ‘anything and everything’. I take a MULTI-MODAL APPROACH to health - that is, considering/using many ways to maintain/improve health, though I do favour non-pharmaceutical methods, in particular for primary health purposes. I look forward to the opportunity of being part of your health/life journey. MY CARD OVERVIEW OF ME 1962 ‘Model’. Separated since end of 2016 after 36-year relationship and being Home-Dad for many of those years to two sons. Have a self-/employment history: ‘Manual Labouring’ factory, horticulture, retail & home-renovation ‘Clerical’ private enterprise, personal & community Actively operating and developing a number of my own enterprises. Have 3 sisters, no brothers, but do have a few cousin-brothers - I’m unfazed in male or female dominated study/work situations. Gluten-intolerant which has meant many lifestyle changes, mostly for the betterment of my health. Don’t mind being a ‘bloke’ and sharing jokes, while also being tolerant of and respectful to personal/equity situations. Prefer rocker type of music, but do like some quieter stuff too. Starting to fix my many injuries, mostly from ‘pushing boundaries’ and high school sport, but also in particular  one major workplace accident in 1986 -  tipping a 3-wheeled ‘cherry-picker’ with the boom fully-raised, sideways on a hill, while standing in it, Crash! Ouch!  Still feeling it. Enjoy some televised live sport and comedy too. Also enjoy creating content within a computer environment - for professional or personal purposes - much of such will become content within my various web interests. I look forward to meeting you.
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